Jan 05 2023

Here’s How This Portable Canon Scanner Can Reduce Paper in K–12 Schools

Many school districts are working to reduce paper in their classrooms, and this Canon scanner can help them over the final hurdles.

Many school districts are in the process of reducing their use of paper in favor of digital documents. This is better for the environment, and it makes it easier to share information with those working or studying remotely.

While many students have returned to the classroom, there are times when teachers or back-office personnel encounter paper documents. The fast and portable Canon imageFORMULA DR-C225 II office document scanner offers users an easy way to digitize those stray papers.

The DR-C225 II was designed for ease of use, which is perfect for an educational setting where IT support staff may be limited. In just a few seconds, users can connect the scanner to any desktop or laptop that has a USB 2.0 port.

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Canon’s Portable Office Scanner Includes Easy Configuration

Once connected, the scanner is ready for use. However, by taking a few minutes to set up the software, users can take advantage of advanced features, such as scanning directly to a school-owned cloud with the press of a single button. Even non-tech staff will find it easy to use.

After you configure the scanner software on a device, it will remember its settings whenever the scanner is attached.

It’s also extremely portable, weighing just under 6 pounds, and its compact design is not much wider than the 8.5-inch-wide paper it’s designed to scan. However, it can capture images of documents that are up to 118 inches long, so specialized paper used for tests or ballot-type documents will scan easily.

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Canon’s DR-C225 II Delivers Consistent Performance

I ran both color and monochrome documents through the DR-C225 II. Without fail, it performed very close to its maximum speed of 25 pages per minute and was able to load up to 30 pages in its input tray at the same time.

According to Canon, the unit can scan up to 1,500 pages per day, easily handling most K–12 workloads.

canon scanner specs


The output quality of scanned documents was very high, especially when set to scan at the maximum 600-dot-per-inch resolution. In addition to sending images directly to the cloud, the scanner can create digital documents that will fit into any content management system or database.

There is a lot to like about the DR-C225 II. It’s quick, accurate, simple to use and economical, making this tiny workhorse a natural for K–12 educational environments.


DEVICE TYPE: Office Document Scanner
SPEED: 25 pages per minute
DIMENSIONS: 8.7x11.8x6.1 inches
WEIGHT: 5.95 pounds

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