Schools are creating tech-enabled study spaces that emulate real-world work environments.
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Product Review

Stay Connected, Rain or Shine

The Linksys outdoor wireless access point is designed to provide students and staff with connectivity in any climate, anywhere on school grounds.

Report Card

Technology Quality Affects Online Learning

Research shows tech quality can impact K–12 students' learning outcomes.


Growing the Next Generation of Cyber Stars

Ashley Greeley, K–12 project lead for GenCyber, is bringing cybersecurity career pathways and professional development to schools across the country.

Get Smart

Under Control

The Google Admin console can help K–12 IT teams better manage their Chromebook fleets.

Tech Trends

Seeing Teachers Clearly

With eGlass, featuring a web-integrated lightboard and fold-out camera, teachers need no longer turn their backs to students when writing.

FAQ Five

Windows 11 Comes with Benefits

Before upgrading, responsible school districts should consider these questions.

Tech Tips

Securing Cloud Apps

Here’s how schools can keep private data secure while enjoying the benefits of the cloud.

Security Save

Enforce MFA Now

Implementing MFA at schools can guard against cyberattacks. Here’s how to set it up.

Product Review

Fully Covered Cloud Security

Protect your users from internet-based attacks with this enterprise platform.



Free to Roam

As the pandemic forces schools to adapt, some are bringing educational technology to the outdoors.


The Best Offense

School districts are contracting with friendly hackers to probe for vulnerabilities, plan incident response and run tabletop exercises.


Cultivating A Brighter Future

Creative teachers look beyond assistive tech to help students with disabilities hone in-demand vocational skills.


Ready, Tech, Go

Educators are leaving the profession at alarming rates, but experts say upgrading their technology can contribute to job satisfaction.


Letter From the Editor

Learning Unleashed

Everyone benefits when K–12 schools have the right classroom tech.

Contributor Column

Innovation Inertia

Digital collaboration, a teacher exodus and digital equity are some of the trends impacting innovation for K–12 learners in 2022, according to a new report.

Contributor Column

Prepare for a Digital Future

School leaders must plan now to engage tomorrow’s tech-savvy students.