Districts are taking advantage of remote management and automation tools to simplify and streamline IT operations.
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Bold Teaching

Award-winning teacher and administrator-turned-author Weston Kieschnick says technology can be a powerful classroom tool.

Report Card

Third-Party Access Can Be Risky

Schools can reduce risk by gaining visibility into and limiting third-party access.

Product Review

Surge Protection

Eaton’s 9PX uninterruptible power supply provides emergency backup and keeps schools safe from disruptions and blackouts.

IT Futurist

Reading, Writing and the Blockchain

As the popularity of NFTs continues to rise, educators and schools consider how digital property fits into the classroom and beyond.

FAQ Five

Out of Stock

As schools went remote in 2020, the demand for laptops and other consumer electronics skyrocketed. Here’s why.

Get Smart

Teacher Timesavers

Here’s how IT can automate operational processes and help reduce teacher stress.

Product Review

Seamless Sign-On

This powerful security tool also removes barriers to learning.

Tech Tips

Carts, Optimized

Here’s how to get the most out of your storage and charging carts for student devices.

Get Smart

Stepping Up Storage

Choosing the right data management solution comes with a long list of considerations for district IT teams, including where to start.



Hacking the Gap

From coding to cybersecurity certifications, majority-Black K–12 districts are teaching students critical skills for a digital future.


Meet the Parents

K-12 schools ramp up virtual communication to make it easier than ever for families to get involved without making a trip to campus.


Winning with 1-to-1

Educators share tips to successfully transition student devices from emergency tools to permanent classroom fixtures.


A Matter of Scale

K–12 schools adopt enterprise-level networks to provide device connectivity and proactive cybersecurity.


Letter From the Editor

An Enterprising Approach

K-12 IT leaders move beyond silos to make a meaningful impact inside and outside their schools.

Contributor Column

Road to Recovery

I was new to the job when my district fell victim to a ransomware attack. Here’s how we restored our systems in time for a new school year.

Contributor Column

Learn Anywhere

Schools are prioritizing educational technology tools that are mobile and flexible, allowing teaching and learning to happen in and outside of the classroom.