Wade Barnes explains the importance of creating seamless transitions between in-person and online learning.
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IT Futurist

Scan to Enter

Some K–12 leaders are adding infrared sensors to their list of tools for safely reopening school buildings.

Product Review

Built to Last

This laptop is rugged enough for young users and supports Wi-Fi 6.

Product Review

Big Images for Small Rooms

Brightness, ease of use and image quality combine in a short-throw projector.

FAQ Five

At Home and Secure

When all teachers and staff are remote, K–12 IT teams can maintain security by focusing on end users.

Get Smart

Training Over Triage

Better professional development will help teachers integrate technology into instruction and improve remote learning.

Get Smart

Prepared to Pivot

Early adoption of cloud-based solutions and tech equipment for students and teachers helped this school transition smoothly to remote learning.


Feature Sidebar

How to Start a Data Initiative

Although schools realize the importance of data in providing quality education, many still struggle to use it strategically.


Culture Shift

Data-driven insights help districts elevate conversations, optimize ROI and improve outcomes.


Prepped for Takeoff

School districts’ proactive investments in their IT networks means their networks can handle the bandwidth demands of remote learning.


Hands-On, at a Distance

With tech and creativity, K–12 educators are adapting classes such as auto mechanics and science labs to virtual learning environments.


Paving the Way

K–12 leaders invest in technology and form partnerships to ensure students in rural areas have Wi-Fi access and devices needed for remote learning.


Printing to Protect

K–12 students and educators are using makerspaces to serve the greater good — producing protective gear, prosthetics and more.

Shared Smarts

Influencing Innovation

K–12 educators and experts are using social media channels to share advice, tutorials and examples of ingenuity.


Letter From the Editor

Do Your Part

As school districts push more operations online and accommodate more network users, administrators should also beef up efforts to protect it all.

Contributor Column

Success Starts at the Top

There isn’t a single solution. But providing equitable access to devices, Wi-Fi and quality professional development is key.

Contributor Column

Signing On for Equity

We’re progressing from a homework gap to a full-on education gap.