Schools leverage interactive technologies to create educational experiences students won’t forget.
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ABCs and Neurobiology

This chief innovation officer is on a mission to give all students in his Texas district access to high-level sciences, and he’s helping other K–12 districts do the same.

Product Review

Big-Screen Interactivity

This redesigned whiteboard provides a seamless and simplified user experience.

Product Review

Leveled-Up Security

This network appliance offers budget-friendly protection and options to tailor access to different users.

Fact or Fallacy

The Real Deal on Esports in K—12 Schools

As the popularity of gaming booms in educational settings, it’s important to dispel persistent myths.

FAQ Five

High Density

The new standard makes sense for high-density areas of K–12 campuses.

Get Smart


When investing in video surveillance, district administrators should consider many factors such as location, bandwidth, and relevant laws.

IT Futurist

Quantum Learning

Subatomic physics is advanced even for some scientists, but there still are ways to introduce the topic to high school students.

Tech Tips

Administrative Assistance

Online resources such as Google Classroom can help school administrators organize resources and time.



Data Lockdown

With cyberattacks on the rise, K–12 district IT teams are fighting back to keep sensitive information and networks safe.


Rebuilding After Disaster

After their schools were destroyed, administrators used technology and modern classroom design to offer continuity for students and faculty.


Pathways to the Future

At its best, career and technical education uses technology, real-world experiences to prepare students for post-secondary success.


This Old School (And Its New Tech)

District leaders work to ensure even historic structures have the modern devices today’s students need.


From the Editor

Room to Learn

The way students learn has evolved with the times and schools are adapting to these changes in innovative ways.

Contributor Column

Breakthrough Mindsets

CoSN’s 2020 annual conference will focus on the swiftly moving tech landscape in education and strategic ways for leaders to keep up.

Contributor Column

Thwarting Threats

The proliferation of classroom technology, along with an influx of data privacy laws, may have K–12 leaders scrambling to protect valuable information.