Classroom-focused IT initiatives rely on well-managed technology and infrastructure support.
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Tech Trends

Workforce Ready

One New Jersey Teacher uses these flying machines to make math concepts more concrete.

Product Review

Shock and Thaw

Rugged, flexible Chromebook is built to take a few punches and spills and keep on working.

Product Review

Storage Galore

The drive combines capacity, speed, ease of use and security to make the grade.

Tech Tips

In Sync

Using the Microsoft tool, IT can easily move student and teacher data from existing systems to a new productivity suite.

Get Smart

Classroom Learning Takes Off

Milford Public Schools in Massachusetts became tech-savvy in roughly 18 months — and your school district can, too.

Taking Measure

Mission Control

To get started with SAM, keep an accurate inventory, track software use and consider the cloud.

IT Futurist

Attention Scan

AI software captures students’ physical and behavioral data and alerts them when they aren’t paying attention.



All Eyes on Safety

School districts around the country are investing in cameras with cloud capabilities.


Explore, Build, Create

K–12 districts empower students with state-of-the-art labs that allow them to explore, build and create.


Data Minding

Schools can use data to differentiate students into personalized learning groups, expert says.


Mods and Pods

Infrastructure evolves to meet school technology needs without driving up costs.


From the Editor

Make School Safety a Priority

School districts around the country are installing digital surveillance systems to help keep students and staff safe from harm.

Contributor Column

Futures So Bright

Classroom technologies give students a better shot at college and career readiness, report finds.

Contributor Column

Journey to Digital Efficacy

When new technology is rolled out, K–12 leaders must prove it is worth the investment.