To put the focus squarely on student learning goals, schools blend the teams that develop scholastic and tech strategies.

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Product Review

The Big Picture

This interactive WXGA 3LCD projector comes with features well attuned to the classroom.


A Pledge for Responsible Use

Companies that provide technology services to educational organizations call for better security practices, not new regulations or laws.

Tech Tips

Creativity Unleashed

A technology director shares his lessons learned following deployment of the Microsoft tablets.

IT Takeaway


For a few thousand dollars, a school or district could stand up an entire lab.

Tech Trends

SaaS for the Masses

District IT managers find apps served via the cloud are easy to deploy and manage.

Product Review

Making the Grade

This tablet proves a triple threat in the classroom.



The Right Stuff

Schools find there is no one-size-fits-all approach to assistive technology.


Into the Wild

With wireless available everywhere, students and teachers find compelling ways to use it.


For the Love of STEM

Schools nurture STEM skills by letting students build robots, NASA rovers and mobile apps.


The Cloud-Friendly Classroom

Schools find a cost-effective approach to collaboration by implementing Google solutions.


From the Editor

The New Teaching Paradigm

The classroom and tech for teaching are once again attracting serious attention.

The Business of I.T.

K-12's Next Frontier

New research finds school embracing cloud as mainstay for delivering IT services.

Contributor Column

Social Learning

Research into texting between teachers and students shows that it can drive engagement and deliver results.