School districts are flipping education on its head with mobile and online teaching tools.

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Report Card

Survey Says and More

EdTech gathers the most important news, tips and social trends impacting K–12 IT today.

Best Practices

Past the Point of No Return

Leaders from the Consortium for School Networking make the case for focusing on VOI rather than ROI.

Tech Watch

Exa Marks the Spot

This next-generation, high-performance computing technology looms large as a game changer for education.

Best Practices

Team Effort

Educators detail how and why stakeholders identified the device that drives Community Consolidated School District 21’s one-to-one program.

Best Practices

By the Book

These five tips can help teachers better integrate the Google Chrome–based mobile devices into instruction.

Tech Trends

State of Mind

From coast to coast, state education leaders are developing IT programs to benefit all students within their borders.

Tech Trends

Streamlining Made Simple

Convergence offers benefits — in the data center and beyond — that resource-strapped districts can’t ignore.

Product Review

Get the Picture?

As far as document cameras go, Epson's DC-12 stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Product Review

One Fierce Filter

This security appliance packs all the power of an enterprise solution into a box that’s affordable for budgets of any size.



Means to an End

District IT leaders share the stories behind their efforts to build a network that won’t impede or compromise instruction.


Full STEAM Ahead

3D printers, sophisticated software and other technologies are helping many schools incorporate the arts into their STEM curricula.


Application Central

Proper project management is key to a successful rollout.


Letter From the Editor

School of Thought

A fresh look and fresh content make the magazine (and soon, its website) even more engaging for readers.

Contributor Column

Game On

A Texas teacher explains how students’ love of gaming can be leveraged to teach in-demand skills.

Contributor Column

Should We Automate Education?

The author of a new book on “teaching machines” ponders the possible effects on teaching and learning.

Making the Grade

Cut to the Core

Field testing for looming mandatory online assessments is now underway in select states. What will it teach us?