Nov 22 2023

K–12 IT Influencers Share Tech They’re Thankful For

Eight ed tech leaders share gratitude for their favorite hardware and software products in the classroom.

Educational technologies have gone from fun additions to essential tools. Students, teachers, administrators and entire communities rely on school tech for everything from powering learning to enhancing safety. As the holidays approach, these K–12 IT influencers reflected on some of the key technologies they couldn’t live without.

They share thanks for personal and classroom devices, software tools with myriad learning benefits, and organizations across the country that support ed tech and its users.

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Here’s what they had to say:

K–12 Ed Tech Leaders Appreciate Hardworking Hardware

These IT influencers sang the praises of devices large and small that keep students engaged and teachers on track.

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K–12 IT Experts Value Educational Software Solutions

Other ed tech influencers shared their gratitude for software solutions that promote connection, collaboration, reflection and more.

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