Dec 15 2022

VR in Schools Transport K-12 Students Through Space and Time

As virtual reality grows in popularity, students enjoy realistic simulations akin to in-person field trips to distant landmarks and cultures.

Field trips have long been an interactive complement to classroom learning, providing students with new and interesting learning experiences beyond school walls. However, the past two years of COVID-19 closures and precautions forced schools to pivot, and virtual field trips began to gain ground.

Now that students are back to in-person learning, it doesn’t appear that virtual excursions are going away. In 2021, the American Alliance of Museums surveyed teachers who participated in virtual field trips, and 95 percent indicated they were interested in continuing the programs, even after in-person learning resumed.

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Meanwhile, more K–12 schools are bringing VR headsets into the classroom, making shorter, more frequent virtual field trips even more accessible.

We scoured Twitter for some interesting virtual field trip examples to share:

Optima Classical Academy is a virtual reality charter school in Naples, Fla.

Community Consolidated School District 21 is a school district in suburban Chicago serving students in grades pre-K to 8.

Alleyn’s School is a school for boys and girls aged 11-18 in London, England.

Paul Ketcham is superintendent of the Batesville Community School Corp. in Indiana.

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