Austin, Texas

Feb 10 2017

TCEA 2017: A Week of Ed Tech Innovations Comes to an Inspiring Close

Whether you’ve been busy on the show floor or didn’t make it to Austin, we’ve got a roundup of what you may have missed.

In a rousing speech during the final day of the TCEA 2017 educational technology convention in Austin, Texas, Nadia Lopez shared her experiences as a principal at Mott Hall Bridges Academy in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, N.Y., one of the most impoverished areas in the country.

Lopez founded Mott Hall Bridges, a grade 6–8 middle school, in 2010 and has been lauded for her tenacity in getting her students the technology and other tools they need to succeed

“It’s important that we make work meaningful in our classrooms,” she said. “Just because these children are poor does not mean that it is a lifetime sentence.”

She shared four tips with the packed audience Friday.

  1. Have vision. “Don’t allow limitations to stop you from seeing what is possible,” Lopez said. “Keep pushing down doors and creating opportunities.”

  2. Spread the joy. “Don’t let anyone steal your joy,” she said. “Keep doing exceptional work.”

  3. Network, network, network. “Ask for what you need,” Lopez said. “Your network becomes your net worth.”

  4. Share. “You don’t grow in isolation,” she said. “We are called to make others better. Our children learn from our actions.”

EdTech has covered both the innovations and the inspirations found at the Austin Convention Center show.

But don’t feel left out if you didn’t get to experience TCEA in person. We’ve curated some of the top tweets and posts from #TCEA17.

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Daniel Mayer/Wikimedia Commons

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