Third-grade teacher Mary Morris' snow day-themed take on Adele's "Hello" struck a chord with teachers and students around the world.

Jan 27 2016

Teacher's Adele-Inspired Snow-Day Video Gains a Following

The latest in a growing trend of educators-turned-performers has gone viral.

In a viral video based on Adele's hit song "Hello," third-grade teacher Mary Morris strolls through her classroom, pining for the phone call that will confirm a snow-day closure.

"If it’s got to be so cold, the least that it could do is snow. If I have to keep my students inside one more time for recess, I’m gonna lose my mind," sings Morris.

The sepia-toned video, filmed in her classroom at the K–8 Rush Strong School, in Strawberry Plains, Tenn., has earned more than 2 million views in the seven days that it's been on YouTube, making Morris an overnight Internet sensation. The timing for the video couldn't have been better: It was released on Jan. 20, a few days before a huge snowstorm blew through the Eastern states.

Morris first performed her version of the song at her school during an assembly for students and faculty. It was so well received that Morris and a friend filmed the professional music video of the song.

"I'm so glad everyone is enjoying this. Never dreamed it would explode like this, but I'm glad it could brighten a few cold days!" Morris wrote on YouTube.

The video is the latest in a growing trend of educators using online videos to engage with parents and students. Last year, a Rhode Island private school announced its snow-day closing with a video parody of the hit song “Let It Go” from the Disney movie Frozen. It went on to score 3.9 million views on YouTube.

The man behind the Frozen parody told EdTech that the video was an attempt to communicate with students and parents in a more creative way.

"What better way to communicate with children than to spoof on a song and movie that they all know and love so well!" said Moses Brown School's Head of School Matt Glendinning.

Mary Morris via YouTube

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