Stanford University student Kyla Guru shares her passion for cybersecurity education and gender equity in technology fields.
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IT Futurist

Human Data

Biometrics can be used in the classroom, but schools must manage the data responsibly.

Get Smart

Out of Sight

Personally owned and Internet of Things devices can leave university networks vulnerable to cyberthreats.

Product Review

Well Rounded

Designed to replace complex surveillance networks with multiple devices, this dome camera offers situational awareness in all directions.

Product Review

Remote Control

This all-in-one conferencing system enables seamless instruction and collaboration.

Tech Tips

Access Denied

The growing trend is ensnaring well-meaning employees using seemingly innocuous cloud applications.

FAQ Five

Survey Says

Before upgrading your network, it’s essential to understand how the Wi-Fi is being used on campus.



According to Plan

With greater insight into resource availability, higher ed institutions make better hardware and software investments.


Joining Forces

IT leaders share lessons on how to successfully navigate a merger or acquisition.


Safety First

Colleges are modernizing their video surveillance systems to better monitor and protect their campuses.


A Better Backup

Cloud-based disaster recovery solutions help universities bounce back from cyber incidents.


Learning Without Limits

Technology helps higher education institutions inside and opens doors for interested learners.


From the Editor

Embracing Change

Forward-thinking colleges and universities can position themselves for continued success.

Contributor Column

Avoiding the Cliff

The pool of college-eligible students is shrinking, and that means institutions must innovate to stay relevant. Here’s how two-year schools can meet the moment.

Contributor Column

Rules of Engagement

Making remote learning feel like the in-classroom experience remains a challenge in higher ed. Here’s how one instructor is making it happen.