Nov 23 2023

Higher Education Institutions and IT Departments Are Embracing Change

Forward-thinking colleges and universities can position themselves for continued success.

Keeping up with the evolving higher education landscape is no easy feat for today’s colleges and universities. Facing enrollment challenges, staffing shortages, and evolving needs and preferences of students and staff, administrators are consistently kept on their toes. Remaining amenable to these shifting circumstances will be vital in the coming years to ensure the long-term growth of higher education institutions.

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How Higher Education Institutions Are Adapting

For colleges and universities that are struggling financially, merging with a stronger institution can be a viable option to continue supporting students. Combining institutions means combining resources, and that can be a logistical challenge for the IT department. When University of the Sciences merged with Saint Joseph’s University, the IT team developed a strategy for integrating their technology environments.

Technology evolution can also force change. As cloud environments become more popular in higher education, institutions are increasingly exploring moving their data off premises. Schools such as Butler University are migrating their disaster recovery solutions to the cloud to help them more reliably bounce back from cyber incidents. Physical security technology is changing as well, and schools such as Bowie State University are evolving their video surveillance for better safety.

The supply chain continues to recover from pandemic-era delays, and universities have since learned that they must stay ahead of the curve to keep students and staff supplied with the tech they need. The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s procurement strategies changed during the pandemic, and the school has been able to stay on top of device needs by working with outside support.

Being receptive to change and working with the fluctuating tides instead of against them will only benefit institutions in the long run. Embracing flexibility and being open to pushing back against the status quo can ensure that colleges and universities are prepared for whatever comes their way.

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