Universities are turning to new and improved networks with the flexibility to adapt to whatever comes their way.
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Saying Goodbye to Skype for Business

Skype for Business is set to retire on July 31.

Product Review

Full-Coverage Cloud Security

Protect your users from internet-based attacks with this enterprise platform.

Get Smart

IT at the Helm

As university IT teams assume a more prominent role, here’s how they can keep a seat at the C-suite table.

Product Review

A Dual Display That Stays Out of the Way

The Targus Universal DV4K docking station has dual HDMI ports packed into a tiny frame.

Security Save

For Cloud Security, Posture Matters

CSPM solutions offer efficient, cost-effective protection.


Making the Case for Esports

Turner not only saw the potential esports held for his university, he convinced leadership to see it too.

Tech Tips

On Loan and On Guard

Sometimes the thing laptops need the most protection from are the students carrying them. It's especially true for one-to-one loaner device programs.

IT Futurist

In the Same Room, Even Miles Apart

The faculty of the future could be holographic.

FAQ Five

So Much Technology, So Many Distractions

How can faculty keep students from being distracted by the same technologies they use to learn?



5G on the Horizon

Higher education facilities such as the 5G Innovation Hub at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign will be critical in advancing the emerging connectivity standard.


Making Hybrid Happen

At colleges and universities around the country, the future of higher education looks increasingly hybrid.


Keeping the Virtual Doors Open

With the traditional college experience upended by social distancing requirements, schools look to alternatives to keep social traditions alive.


The Chatbot Will Assist You Now

Colleges and universities are deploying chatbots to engage students through fast, targeted responses.


Letter From the Editor

Doubling Down on Preparedness

When preventive measures fail, preparation might prove equally valuable for higher education business continuity.

Up Front


Off Campus but Still Connected

With hybrid learning on the rise, student engagement has a new look.


Choosing the Right Vendor for the Right Outcomes

There’s a greater need than ever for outside IT support. How do you choose the right provider?