Microsoft Power BI and other tools yield insights to refine the art and science of collegiate competition.
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Tech Trends

Eye of the Beholder

Colleges deliver personalized learning experiences with custom VR content.


Take It Outside

With careful planning and custom designs, UCCS nearly tripled its outdoor coverage.

IT Futurist

Give Me a Hand

In higher education, motion-sensing devices could support screen control and collaboration platforms.

Product Review

Responsive Design

This two-in-one notebook offers power, flexibility and security for productivity on and off campus.

Best Practices

What Are Best Practices for Passwords?

Experts no longer recommend automatic password changes that may lead to poor security habits.

Product Review

On Alert

Baked-in machine learning capabilities and a powerful API mean this network camera might be the most advanced, easiest to use surveillance device to hit the market yet.

Tech Tips

Keep the Beat

Keep Windows 10 campus devices up to date with these notable best practices.

Security Save

The Cryptocurrency Threat

Student computers have proved to be a lucrative resource for cryptomining.



Change Management

As IT leaders embrace tech upgrades, they must also set the groundwork for cross-campus adoption.


Lock Down the Details

Strategic security planning is holistic, comprehensive and collaborative.


The Networking Divide

As entertainment streaming consumes bandwidth, colleges shift strategy to deliver academic access.


Mind the Gap

IT leaders prepare for cloud-reliant campuses by beefing up the expertise of IT staff.


From the Editor

Smarter, Together

Campus leaders recognize the power and potential of bringing staff together to solve shared challenges.

Contributor Column

Play the Long Game

When it comes to DX, campus leaders must plan for the long game.

Contributor Column

Lead the Way

The college's leadership program offers cost-effective professional development that boosts morale while building a talent pipeline.