Try-it, test-it technology on display in campus stores and libraries serves as innovative inspiration to students and faculty alike.

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Tech Tips

Simplify VLANs

Do VLANs have your head spinning? Follow these tips to avoid common issues when configuring them.

Tech Tips

Is MPLS Right for You?

Multiprotocol  label switching is proving useful to crowded campus networks.


Better Manage Data Risk

Sensitive data breaches are all too common in higher education. Follow these steps to better manage risk.

Product Review

Ready for Class

Incredibly fast and light Chromebook offers a productive alternative to full-blown notebook computers.

Tech Forward

Software-Defined X

‘The holy grail of infrastructure operations’ likely coming soon to a campus near you.

Product Review

Ramp Up Power and Security

Easier to use than previous versions, SQL 2014 puts users on the path to do-it-yourself business intelligence.



Easy as 1, 2, 3

New tools and software provide vulnerable campus networks with defense in depth.


Bring Your Own Whatever

Software, applications and desktop virtualization allow students to learn on any device.


Big Cloud on Campus

No matter their device, students can access much-needed apps thanks to Tri-C’s recent cloud migration.


A New Frontier

Technology is more critical than ever to the success of academic research.


Mobile First

Delivering critical information, services and anything else students may want on their mobile device requires a shift in thinking.


From the Editor

Inspiring Innovation

Universities are staying innovative, rolling out tech stores, deploying cloud-based SaaS apps and focusing on mobility.

Smart IT

Newer Networks, Now

Setting priorities and sticking to a phased-in plan allow institutions to upgrade their networks and stay competitive.