Jul 24 2018

Teacher Training Is the First Step to EdTech Integration in K—12 Classrooms

In order for education and technology to blend seamlessly, teachers need to be prepared to integrate the latest classroom tools into their curriculum. Investing in professional development increases engagement opportunities for educators and learners alike, allowing for a deeper understanding of innovative learning tools.


    Shannon Tabaldo, Director, iDEAL Institute, and Affiliated Faculty, Loyola Marymount University

Video Highlights

  • As teachers get more comfortable integrating digital tools into the classroom, they are more able to help students learn digital literacy.
  • Thoughtful training can help teachers shift their mindset to a more inquiry-based, facilitated approach to pedagogy.
  • Districts can support the development of new digital skills by having a clear vision for teachers to buy into and by providing ample time and space for professional development.