Jan 12 2015

New Network Backs Blended Learning at Aspire Public Schools

Aspire Public Schools' decision to upgrade to a Cisco Meraki-powered network gives their educators the options they need to stay successful today and in the future.


    Ana Martinez, Principal at Aspire Tate Academy
    Maryia Krivoruchko, Second-Grade Teacher at Aspire Tate Academy
    Ting Vogel, Director of Technology at Aspire Public Schools
    Lily Gonzalez, Fourth-Grade Teacher at Aspire Tate Academy

Video Highlights

  • Aspire standardized on cloud-based Cisco Meraki infrastructure
  • The school begins orienting students to technology early in order to set them up for later grades, including college 
  • Aspire Public Schools operates 38 schools in California and Tennessee
  • The cloud-based solution made sense for Aspire due to their schools being scattered across the country