May 31 2024

How a Wi-Fi Upgrade in K–12 Helps Build Technology Skills for Life

As Sumner County Schools administrators prepared to expand their one-to-one program to the middle and high school students, technology leaders knew their existing network would not make the cut.

Working against tight deadlines, Chris Brown, assistant director of schools for information services, turned to CDW to quickly install Wi-Fi 6 access points that could support an extra 20,000-plus devices to enable 21st century learning.

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    Art Crook, Principal, Station Camp High School

    Gaurang Misra, Junior, Station Camp High School

    Chris Brown, Assistant Director of Schools for Information Services, Sumner County Schools

    Jeremy Bartlett, Teacher and Instructional Technology Coach, Station Camp High School

    Morgan Hall, Junior, Station Camp High School

    Brian Lindsey, Network Administrator, Sumner County Schools

    Zoie Chandelkar, Junior, Station Camp High School

Video Highlights

  • As the pandemic highlighted digital inequity across the district, educators worked to increase one-to-one devices.
  • The previous wireless network was slow and unable to support consistent technology integration in the classroom.
  • Because the IT team was small, Sumner got help deploying the new APs during the short summer break before school reopened in the fall.
  • The new HPE Aruba Networking’s Wi-Fi 6 APs support a higher density of devices that make lesson planning more predictable for educators and have helped expand learning inside and outside of the classroom.