Jun 26 2019

ISTE 2019: Airtame Screencasting Adds Engagement to K-12 Classrooms

When Parkland School District in Philadelphia learned of the Airtame screencasting solution, it ran a pilot in its 200-classroom high school. That went so well, PSD has deployed roughly 400 more of the devices, which allow teachers and students to easily share content on a screen in the classroom. In addition to making it easier for students and teachers to collaborate, the devices free teachers from their desks so they can move around the classroom and interact with students in a more active-learning style.


    • Tracy Smith, Assistant to the Superintendent for Operations, Parkland School District

Video Highlights

  • Screencasting solutions support multidirectional content sharing, so that teachers can share materials with students and vice versa, facilitating collaboration and engagement.
  • Parkland School District's Airtame deployment involved approximately 600 devices, driven by the goal of putting one in every classroom.
  • Easy-to-use collaboration tools support active learning and make it seamless for teachers to adjust their pedagogical approaches toward more interactive, group-based projects. 

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