Jul 01 2014

ISTE 2014: Striking the Right Balance for Digital Assessments

Educators discuss some of the hurdles they've leapt over in the transition to digital assessments like PARCC (Partnership of Assessments for College and Career Readiness).



    • Joel Handler, Hillsborough Board of Education
    • Warren Dale, Learning Facilitator
    • Angelique Kobler, Lawrence Public Schools
    • Cameron Evans, Microsoft Education
    • John Schüler, Osage Trail Middle School
    • Kelly Sain, Boulder Valley School District

Video Highlights

  • Moving to digital assessments is driving the thinking about digital instruction, says Kelly Sain
  • Cameron Evans of Microsoft Education says some students are more used to touch-screen environments than the traditional keyboard and mouse input that's traditionally involved in digital assessments
  • Warren Dale says educators should accept that the world is changing, and learning to adjust expectations based on technological leaps like touch-based screens are part of the process of adaptation