Jun 30 2014

ISTE 2014: How Big Data Can Be Used in K–12

Big data has big applications when it comes to education.


    • Warren Dale, Learning Facilitator
    • Andrew Swickheimer, Noblesville School
    • Diane Doersch, Green Bay Area Public School District
    • John Schuler, Osage Trail Middle School

Video Highlights

  • Big data is poised to fundamentally alter the way schools are organized, says Warren Dale.
  • Being familiar with the legal fine print of cloud services is important, says Diane Doersch. Her district insists that cloud-based companies return data used at the end of their contract, and do not use the data for marketing purposes.
  • John Schuler's school strategically purchased textbooks with online components because of the advanced problem-solving exercises digital content brings to the table.