Jun 29 2014

ISTE 2014: The Future Tech That Excites Educators

From augmented reality to QR codes and Minecraft, there's plenty of future tech to excite the next generations of students.


    • Dewayne McClary, Arlington Public Schools
    • Joel Handler, Hillsborough Board of Education
    • Charlie Hinsch, Virginia Beach City Public Schools
    • Kelly Sain, Boulder Valley School District
    • Andrew Swickheimer, Noblesville School
    • Diane Doersch, Green Bay Area Public School District

Video Highlights

  • Charlie Hinsch sees QR codes as a window into dynamic content for students that can be changed every day.
  • Joel Handler envisions augmented reality as a supplement to classroom lessons by providing extra information in the margins of a lecture.
  • The success of Minecraft proves that students can be engaged in logical building, says Kelly Sain. Translating that level of engagement into classroom learning is just a matter of finding the right tool.