Jun 28 2023

ISTELive 23: ViewSonic’s Google Plug-In Brings More Flexibility to Digital Whiteboards

Tech-savvy K–12 teachers often rely on digital whiteboards to support collaboration, engagement and productivity. ViewSonic is partnering with Google on a new internet appliance that, when plugged in to any compatible digital whiteboard, promises seamless access to the Google ecosystem along with its advanced security features.

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    Jason Webster, Senior Director of Sales, ViewSonic

Video Highlights

  • ViewSonic’s VPC-A31 is a Google Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement appliance that plugs in to the ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive display or any other display brand that has an Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) slot.
  • When plugged in to an interactive whiteboard, the appliance gives teachers access to the Google ecosystem, which includes Google Slides, Sheets, Maps and Google Earth.
  • The device also gives users access to the ViewSonic whiteboard software, which allows teachers to import documents, create a split screen, draw, write, and copy and paste onto the interactive whiteboard.