May 26 2020

CoSN2020: Tips for Building a Cloud-First Strategy

IT leaders have seen how beneficial cloud computing really is with remote learning. Adopting cloud-based tools — from productivity suites to application management platforms — has helped schools make that transition with fewer disruptions and efficient communication. 

And with the possibility of having continued remote or blended classrooms in the fall, it's wise for schools to have a cloud-first strategy in place. At CoSN2020, Chad Stevens, leader for K–12 education at Amazon Web Services, shared best practices for starting a cloud migration journey. 

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    Chad Stevens, Leader, K–12 Education, Amazon Web Services

Video Highlights

  • Unexpected school closures caused by the pandemic revealed how school districts can't afford to be slow. Moving forward, they need to have solutions ready to tackle challenges during remote learning, such as maintaining communication and managing devices.
  • The cloud helps schools minimize risks to learning and teaching continuity. For example, cloud-based software such as Amazon Web Service's AppStream 2.0 for Education is a cost-effective way to give students virtual access to necessary educational applications, no matter where they are. 
  • It's important for IT leaders to know that leadership, commitment and training are important to building a resilient cloud strategy. Taking small steps can also help inform longer-term planning.