May 22 2020

CoSN2020: How Data Analytics Can Improve Remote Learning

When school districts unexpectedly closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, faculty and staff had to embrace the unknown and come up with creative ways to continue student learning. But with such a quick pivot, many felt that they didn't have all the information they needed to see how well it was all working — especially those who didn't have any sort of prior contingency plan. 

At CoSN2020, Amy Bennett, vice president of marketing at Lightspeed Systems, said that it's possible for schools to access that information with the help of data analytics. She discussed how Lightspeed's Relay dashboard solution gives IT leaders and administrators visibility into application usage, device management, data privacy and more to ensure their remote or blended learning initiatives are successful. 

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    Amy Bennett, Vice President of Marketing, Lightspeed Systems

Video Highlights

  • The shift to remote learning has shown school leaders the importance of having a solution that allows them to track devices, app adoption and student engagement and safety beyond school walls.
  • Lightspeed Systems released the Online Activity Dashboard, a new feature on their Relay Filter product, to give schools actionable insights, such as students' online activity by time of day and how much of that activity is educational. 
  • The app analytics platform can help schools maximize their technology budgets to prepare for remote or blended learning in the near future, which is even more crucial with education budget cuts looming.