Apr 06 2017

CoSN 2017: K-12 Districts Work to Close Digital Divide

Creativity and teamwork help to ensure that every child has a level playing field in learning.


    • Thomas Murray, Director of Innovation, Future Ready Schools
    • Valerie Truesdale, Chief of Technology, Personalization and Engagement, Charlotte-Mecklenburg (N.C.) Schools
    • Barbara Haeffner, Director of Curriculum and Instructional Technology, Meriden (Conn.) Public Schools
    • Mike Sylofski, Managing Coordinator for E-Learning Services, Northeastern Regional Information Center

Video Highlights

  • Research shows that 5 million U.S. students lack connectivity at home.
  • Extending 1:1 initiatives over the summer gives students more opportunities to continue digital skills development.
  • Collaboration between schools and districts can help to bridge the gap.

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