New digital tools help arts students to creatively express themselves like never before.
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Report Card

Bridging the Connectivity Divide

Students and teachers struggle with bandwidth issues after months of online learning, and analysts estimate it could cost billions of dollars to close the gap.

Security Save

Blocking Ransomware Attacks

A vetted, strategic cybersecurity plan helped one school district successfully push back against cyberattackers.

Tech Tips

Protect School-Issued Tech

Share these simple tips with your students and their families to keep take-home devices in good working condition.

Get Smart

Escaping Legacy Tech

Having a plan for phasing out legacy technology can yield cost savings, a better user experience and increased security.


Building an Esports Pipeline

Christopher Turner blazes a trail for competitive gaming, opening up a world of opportunities for K–12 and college students.

FAQ Five

Learning Management Switch

A state-of-the-art LMS can transform the digital learning environment and become a true teaching and learning tool.

IT Futurist

VR Gets Physical

Programmable ultrathin material could help remote teachers connect better with their long-distance students.



Forever Virtual

As education leaders begin to look beyond the pandemic, some students are opting into online learning for good.


Digital Breakthrough

Students from Mississippi’s Title I schools reap benefits from technology upgrades thanks to state and federal funds.


Classroom Evolution

School districts are designing modern learning environments with new technology and furniture to better support teaching and learning.


Stepping Up

Newly minted school technology leaders face the pandemic and look beyond it.


From the Editor

Realizing the Impossible

Educators pulled together during a school year unlike any other to reinvent our education system in meaningful ways.

Contributor Column

Leading Through the Storm

Having a powerful ‘why’ helps everyone involved in education to stay the course during challenging times.

Contributor Column

Shrewd Spending

School districts will receive more money from the government this year, and they should be prepared to use it strategically.