District IT leaders share their strategies and best practices to smoothly transition to cloud services.
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Report Card

The Shift to Digital in K–12

Educators are looking at possible changes in teaching and learning as a result of the pandemic.

Product Review

Create, Edit and Share

Browser-based graphics tool helps K–12 students add professional-looking design elements to videos, web pages and more.


Interoperability Magic

The digital programs director for InnovateEDU is leading efforts to get school districts onboard with supporting data interoperability to get data out of silos.

FAQ Five

Next Generation Wireless

Before adopting lightning-fast Wi-Fi 6, K–12 IT leaders should consider these questions when planning for budget, deployment and ongoing support.

Product Review

Peak Projection

Lightweight projector allows teachers to wirelessly share large, bright images and videos from laptops, phones and the web.

Tech Tips

Troubleshooting Bandwidth Drag

Try these four tips to improve bandwidth weighed down by additional devices in the classroom.

Fact or Fallacy

Monitoring Know-How

Improper configuration of network monitoring tools can overwhelm email, stress firewalls and stymie sophisticated checks.

IT Futurist

Chatbots to the Rescue

AI-enabled chatbots are taking on the roles of tutor, college adviser and school administration assistant.

Get Smart

Whaling: Next-Level Phishing

District personnel are becoming larger targets for cybercriminals due to the critical importance of protecting student data, but phishing filters won’t stop the attacks.



Flex Learning

Flexible scheduling is gaining ground as districts leverage the tools they adopted for the pandemic.


Workplace Ready

Hands-on tech training in cybersecurity, computer information systems, coding and networking prepares K–12 students for careers and college programs in IT.


Game On

Scholastic esports programs attract an inclusive gaming community while nurturing STEM careers.


Cost Control

Instead of driving costs, some school districts find that strategic IT investments in the cloud and administrative systems can save money.


Letter From the Editor

Beyond Savings

In tough budget climates, strategic technology upgrades can drive innovation, flexibility and cost-savings for school districts.

Contributor Column

Better Than Normal

Instead of going back to “normal,” K–12 leaders should focus on giving students more learning options, not fewer.

Contributor Column

Mitigating Delays

Shortages of K–12 educational technologies, including student devices, network products and audiovisual equipment, force decision-makers to compromise, wait or plan further ahead.