Some K–12 school districts have hit their stride in the effort to provide rigorous and engaging remote instruction to students.
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Report Card

Enabling Education Outcomes

The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) has identified its top three tech enablers that educators should prioritize to overcoming remote learning obstacles.


Blazing a Trail for Innovation

Miller, Director of Educational Technology for the School District of Palm Beach County, is leading efforts to boost teachers’ capacity to integrate technology instruction and be forward-thinking about new approaches to education.

Fact or Fallacy

The Reality of ‘Virtual’

A better understanding of the promises and limitations of integrating virtual reality in classrooms can help educators use the technology in more meaningful ways.

Product Review

Real-Time Defense

Boost remote classroom security with robust, high-value anti-virus software.

IT Futurist

Space for Equity

A new approach to providing broadband through satellites gives reliable internet access to far-flung communities — including a Texas school district.

Tech Tips

Easy Distribution

Most schools have significantly increased their device fleets. Here’s how to smoothly deploy and manage those devices.

Product Review

An Esports MVP

With lightning-fast response time and crisp graphics, this monitor is a win for fans of video games and esports.

FAQ Five

The More You Know

A thorough outside assessment is a critical step in any security strategy. Here’s what every K–12 IT leader should learn from one.



Helping Hands

IT staff have been critical in implementing remote learning for K–12 schools. Looking back on this past year, four experts discuss the changing roles of IT staff and their importance to key players in academics and operations.


Stronger Together

Schools and districts are partnering with governments and businesses to ensure that students and their families have reliable Wi-Fi for learning.


Everything Under Control

Device management takes on new importance during a school year when remote and hybrid learning are the norm.


Shields Up

As the number of cyberattacks against schools increase, districts are investing in more holistic and proactive defenses.


Contributor Column

Are the Children All Right?

For educators and their students, a holistic approach to learning requires focusing first on essentials for survival such as food, shelter and emotional health — especially during a pandemic.

Contributor Column

Parental Support

Here’s how school and IT leaders can help parents and guardians navigating online platforms and digital tools with their children this year.