School districts are upgrading their networks to accommodate future technology demands.
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The Human Fix for Data Breaches

Data privacy expert Amelia Vance shares insights into cyberattacks against K–12 schools and best practices for prevention.

Product Review

Easy Storage

This device is powerful, extensible, and a cinch set up — a potential time- and cost-saver for K–12 schools.

Product Review

Game On

This powerful, versatile and affordable laptop is rugged enough for a high school esports program.

Get Smart

Face Time

Videoconferences offer a low barrier to entry and wide-open possibilities for student engagement.

Tech Tips

Administrative Assistance

Online resources such as Google Classroom can help school administrators organize resources and time.

Tech Tips

What Are the Best Practices for User Passwords?

Experts no longer recommend automatic password changes that may lead to poor security habits.

IT Futurist

Wave to the Future

In K–12 education, motion-sensing devices could support screen control and collaboration platforms.



Lightening the Load

Adopting hyperconverged infrastructure can save school districts money while easing IT workloads.


Digital Equity: How Far Have We Come?

School district leaders share insights on providing students equal access to digital resources.


Remote Control

School districts employ virtual learning to avoid the chaos of makeup inclement weather days.


Training Day

Classroom management and data analytics tools can help teachers in the classroom — if they understand how to apply them.


Letter From the Editor

The Business of Learning

Schools district administrators need to be business savvy to make the most of their limited resources.

Contributor Column

The Assessment Evolution

Innovations, such as gaming, automation and AI, can help make tests more equitable for all students.

Contributor Column

The CTE Payoff

By increasing access to industry-specific technology, schools can better prepare students for future jobs.