Districts take advantage of federal funds to upgrade or build out their Wi-Fi networks.

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Tech Tips

Digital portfolios are a cinch to create using templates from Google Sites.

Tech Trends

Schools use new strategies for data management, including solid-state storage and data deduplication.

Product Review

LED brightness in almost any lighting condition makes this projector a bold accessory in K–12 learning spaces.

Best Practices

An expert on education technology offers her advice for a more flexible, collaborative IT program.

Product Review

Teachers and administrators will enjoy the speed, clarity and improved graphics of this powerful and portable notebook.

Tech Watch

Researchers develop 5D glass disc storage media that can survive billions of years.


Ready for the Future

Learn more about Murray’s vision for educational technology.



Wi-Fi on Wheels

School districts are sending home mobile hotspots and outfitting buses with Wi-Fi.


Beyond Blocking

After upgrading their firewalls, school districts are using next-generation platforms for consolidation, content filtering and more.


Teachers Make the Grade

Districts offer advice on how to integrate technology with an emphasis on coaching teachers first.


STEM the Digital Divide

Schools can equip underserved students with marketable skills by arming them with cutting-edge technology.


Letter From the Editor

Innovative schools are working to turn things around for underserved students.

Contributor Column

Study points to need for training teachers more effectively about how technology can improve teaching and learning.

Making the Grade

K–12 thought leader Eric Sheninger offers guidance on how to manage an arsenal of digital tools in the classroom.