Officials in Missouri, New Jersey and Arizona districts detail the functionality and cost considerations that influenced their decision-making.

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Best Practices

Keys to the Cloud

Don’t virtualize core IT services without considering these guidelines.

Best Practices

In a BYOD Bind?

School officials wondering what to do for students who lack their own notebook computers, smartphones or tablets can acquire extra devices with a little bit of ingenuity.

Product Review

Star Performer

This next-generation tablet’s sleek design, reasonable price tag and diverse functionality make it a worthy mobile computing option.

Product Review

Passive, Aggressive

Educators wanting to infuse their lessons with high-quality 3D should consider this passive dual-projection system.

Innovation in Action

Seal of Approval

Adobe certification advocates explain why the credential is a smart move for students preparing for higher education and the workforce.

Tech Trends

Big Deal?

Educators explain how this currently hot business buzzword might shake up educational data analytics and management.

Tech Watch

Mightier than the Sword?

These innovative uses of the technology can make learning more engaging.

Lesson Plans

The (Common) Core of Literacy

Building a cloud-based literature guide can sharpen students’ collaboration skills and content understanding.



Bye the Book

Technology and curriculum leaders from districts in Kansas, Arizona and Illinois explain the process of moving toward more digital content in the classroom.


The Paper Chase

A Catholic high school in San Jose, Calif., took a deliberate approach to building a network that supports both tablets and e-textbooks.


Disaster Relief

Districts turn to a variety of technologies to ensure the safety of school communities in all types of crises.


One the Road

The South-Western City School District upgraded radios and GPS on school buses to improve safety.


Letter From the Editor

Decisions, Decisions

Educators do far more than teach our children. The choices they make every day affect all aspects of students’ learning experiences.

Contributor Column

Bridging the Skills Gap

The author of a new book on the technology skills gap explains how educators can guide students toward a brighter employment future.

Making the Grade

Strengthening the Core

A new CDW•G survey reveals what school IT leaders are thinking about what lies ahead of them.

Contributor Column

New Directions

A former fifth-grade teacher and co-founder of the Teach to One instructional model explains how it enhances the teaching and learning experience.