Spring 2012

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Report Card

Danger Defanged

Two new Barracuda Networks content filtering solutions show promise.

Report Card

Silent Guardian

Network access control and other security technologies help IT managers deliver the stable network environment that teachers and students expect.

Tech Trends

All-Access Pass

This Windows 7 feature gives Hawken School users seamless, secure access to network resources whenever they’re online.

Lesson Plans

All Systems Go

Students will learn not only how to use this software, but also how to collaborate and create lively slides that can enhance a presentation.

Innovation in Action

Success Story

Students enrolled in Palo Alto's legendary journalism program rely on software, cameras and other technologies to enhance their reporting.

Lesson Plans

Cracking the Code

Quick Response technology engages students in active, mobile learning.

Best Practices

Easing the E-Rate Odyssey

The federal funding program is opening new doors — and creating new challenges — for education leaders. Follow these steps to improve your chances of obtaining discounts for your school.

Tech Watch

Deep Thoughts

Could recent research revealing the mind’s ability to manipulate digital images ultimately lead to the development of a new type of touchpad?

Product Review

Short and Sweet

This short-throw multimedia projector casts classroom content in a whole new (feature-rich) light.

Product Review

Getting Through the Gatekeeper

This all-in-one security appliance ably protects school networks from the web’s worst threats.



Fit To Be Tried

Whether it’s one-to-one or “bring your own device,” school IT departments must rise to the challenge when change is afoot.



Building a “bring your own device” program isn’t as daunting as it may seem.


The One-to-One Transformation

“Bring your own device” programs have transformed the way schools are delivering technology services to students.


Retool Time

When a patchwork approach to repairs and upgrades isn’t enough. School IT leaders reveal the red flags that made a major overhaul imperative.


Making the Grade

To Each Their Own

The “bring your own device” movement is altering the personal-computing landscape in schools in important ways. IT leaders are watching as BYOD and one-to-one continue to evolve and prosper.

Letter From the Editor

A Necessary Discussion

“Bring your own device” is a hot topic among educators these days, and for good reason: We just can’t seem to live without our mobile devices.

Contributor Column

Equity Management

Research suggests a class divide between those who produce media content and those who consume it.

Contributor Column

School Daze

In 2009, educator Shelly Blake-Plock identified 21 things that would be obsolete by 2020. Technology’s evolution may hasten the demise of some, but it also will empower students in ways yet to be seen.