Oct 30 2023

How Can Educators Leverage Google Duet AI?

Google is testing a new generative artificial intelligence tool in its Workspace platform that may boost student and educator productivity.

Over 170 million students and instructors use Google Workspace for Education worldwide, and according to Business Insider, the platform now has more than 9 million paying subscribers, up from 6 million in 2020.

Now, Google has integrated the power of generative artificial intelligence into all Workspace applications.

Google Duet AI instantly gives the power of artificial intelligence to tens of millions of educators. Working with this technology can give instructors the opportunity to focus on more important things, like the art of teaching.

The objective is to directly integrate AI capabilities into Google Docs, Sheets and other Workspace apps. Moreover, everything users need to share, connect, teach and learn will remain available in a single location for any device.

What Is Google Duet AI, and How Does It Work?

Google Duet AI is an artificially intelligent assistant in Gmail, Docs, Meet, Sheets and Slides. The AI’s features support a variety of tasks, including writing, organizing, visualizing, accelerating processes, having deeper meetings and much more.

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Schools that are interested in the new product will have to apply to explore the new AI tools, as Duet AI has just begun its limited launch. The public can use Google’s Workspace Labs, which operates on a waitlist and lets users test new tools weeks before they become widely available.

As the technology is used more frequently and develops in its capabilities and intelligence, it will become more generally accessible as one of the standard AI tools for education

How Can Duet AI Help Instructors Pave a Path for Education?

Generative AI apps like Duet AI for Google Workspace can add value to educational institutions in various ways. Instructors can be more productive if procedures are automated, and time-consuming or challenging activities are tackled using AI tools. The technology can have an immediate, beneficial impact on how individuals tackle their daily workload.

Here are examples of how Duet AI’s features can be used in an educational context:

Create Effective and Accurate Course Content 

Google Duet AI offers numerous ways to help educators create course content. For example, typing “help me write” in Docs is an excellent way to compose an initial draft or an introductory question about a subject. The tool can also help users improve the length, tone and style of pre-written information.

Teachers can create text passages related to course material and ask students to assess the results. Students can assess the content on criteria including factual correctness, data citation quality, areas for improvement, the strength of the argument (if it’s a persuasive work) and much more. 

Google Workspace users may soon notice a new proofread suggestion box, which will provide advice on writing concisely, minimizing redundancy or using a different tone. 

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Generate Engaging Ideas or Activities

Creating activities to keep students interested in their studies is often a challenging endeavor that chips away at educators’ time and energy. Duet AI has the power to generate ideas for in-class activities and homework assignments to give educators a jump-start.

Duet AI can help with fresh presentations using Slides, or it can update current documents with text, charts and graphics. With more visuals, students stay engaged in the material. In fact, the potential for developing original images is endless thanks to Duet AI’s ability to visualize brand-new concepts.

Duet AI can also generate text for presentations and speaker notes to accompany slides, both new and existing.

Organize Your Workload

Duet AI’s organizational feature in Sheets automatically creates unique plans for activities, projects or any initiative educators want to track or manage. 

After describing an idea to the AI, Sheets can build a plan to keep users organized. This helps users understand if they’re behind or ahead of course material, how to arrange their schedule and more.

What Aspects of Google’s AI Principles Are Incorporated in Duet AI?

Although it seems to be a new way of working, Google has used AI assistants for a while. The company has established AI principles that apply to all of its AI initiatives and has expressed its commitment to ethically developing AI. These rules apply to Duet AI for Google Workspace.

As it assesses AI technology’s possible development and applications, taking into consideration a wide range of societal and economic variables, Google moves forward only where they believe the advantages will likely outweigh the risks. 

Google’s AI systems are adequately and cautiously designed in accordance with industry best practices for AI safety. Teams evaluate AI technologies in restricted settings and keep track of the tech’s performance after implementation.

DIVE DEEPER: Can admins ensure the ethical use of AI in education?Duet AI can also generate text for presentations and speaker notes to accompany new or existing slide

Duet AI offers the same high level of security as the rest of Workspace, automatically implementing an educational institution’s current controls and data-handling procedures. 

Instructors can rest assured that their code, suggestions and input won’t be utilized to learn about or build any products or models. To adhere to license restrictions, Duet AI additionally offers source citations when ideas directly and extensively quote from a source. 

Google provides the means for notice and consent, supports privacy-aware architectural designs and offers the proper degree of transparency and control over how data is used.

Undoubtedly, as the world of tech and AI evolves, updated versions of Duet AI will emerge to alter how schools conduct teaching and learning. 

Google Duet AI has the potential to be a valuable asset for today’s educational institutions. It may be good to explore for IT teams whose schools routinely utilize Workspace and want to find ways to boost their output and performance.

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