Jun 28 2023

ISTELive 23: Merlyn Mind Releases the First Large Language Model for Education

In the past few months, ChatGPT and generative artificial intelligence have dominated national and international headlines and become a hot topic among K–12 teachers. At ISTELive 23 in Philadelphia, teachers learned about a new large language model AI designed specifically for education.

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The makers of Merlyn Mind, the first artificial intelligence assistant for education, announced the technology’s latest evolution: its own large language model built to help teachers in the classroom.

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    Levi Belnap, Chief Strategy Officer, Merlyn Mind

Video Highlights

  • Merlyn Mind’s secure, private generative AI can help teachers save time by enabling them to control lessons on their digital whiteboards from anywhere in the classroom.
  • Merlyn Mind’s large language model works in tandem with its voice-controlled remote to generate visually exciting images in response to student questions.
  • The tool uses educational resources to generate questions and appropriate classroom activities.
  • The new features build on Merlyn Mind’s classic features that allow teachers to use their voices to pull up presentations and other content stored on Google Drive, open bookmarks, send documents to a learning management system and more.