Apr 05 2023

Review: Logitech’s Zone Learn Headset Is a Perfect Fit For All K–12 Students

Designed for busy school environments, the Zone Learn headset is highly advanced yet simple to use and maintain.

Headsets are an extremely valuable learning tool in K–12 classrooms. They enable students to focus fully on their material, even if they’re studying in a crowded classroom or a chaotic learning environment. Unfortunately, most headsets are not designed for younger students; they optimize music over voice, and they can be difficult to properly setup, use and maintain.

By contrast, the just-released Zone Learn headset from Logitech is designed from the ground up with K–12 classrooms in mind.

Decked out with an easy-to-spot orange color, each Zone Learn headset features a comfortably soft layer at the top and an evenly balanced clamp that keeps it in place. I wore a Zone Learn headset for almost an entire day as part of my testing, and it never felt uncomfortable or heavy. The lightweight headset is optimized for a wide range of head sizes, comfort and ease of use.

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A Headset for Clear Student and Teacher Communication

Talking and listening are easier for students with the Zone Learn headset. Simply pull down the boom microphone to enable voice communications.

There are no controls on the unit or the cable that attaches it to a device, so there’s no chance students will accidentally mute themselves or mess up the volume settings. Instead, students can use their connected devices to control the volume and other settings.

Both the sound quality and the microphone’s ability to pick up spoken words are excellent.

I plugged the auxiliary cable into a smartphone during conference calls to test the headset, and it always made voices sound very clear compared with several other standard headsets. The Zone Learn was also able to achieve an almost-perfect level of speech intelligibility for words spoken into its microphone.

While the Zone Learn sounded good when playing music, it’s clear the headset is optimized for voice clarity.

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Update or Repair Incrementally with a Modular Design

The Zone Learn headset is also highly configurable, allowing schools to configure exactly the kind of headset they need. Almost every part of the Zone Learn is modular and replaceable.

For example, there are two choices for the earpad. The first is an over-the-ear design that does a great job of shutting out all external noise. The other choice features an on-ear cushion that allows for more external awareness and interaction.

The ear pads, which are usually the first part to break or degrade on most headsets, are easily swapped out for new ones. Also, the headset’s cord is made to withstand rough handling, and if it does break or develop a short, it’s not difficult to remove and replace — again, without needing a whole new unit.

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There are also three cable choices: USB-A and USB-C connections and the previously mentioned auxiliary sound cable. In addition to being replaceable, these are interchangeable. If a school first uses auxiliary cables and then changes over to devices with a USB-C connection, the cables can be swapped out so schools won’t need to purchase new headphones.

A Ruggedized Headset for the K–12 Rough and Tumble

It’s a fact of life that kids can be hard on electronics. Devices get stuffed into backpacks, dropped onto the floor, left behind on the bus and generally suffer rougher treatment in a school setting than, say, in an office. Logitech knows this and designed the Zone Learn headset to survive a typical classroom.

Each Zone Learn headset passes the rugged MIL-STD-810G testing, which is used to evaluate devices’ ability to survive on the battlefield. There are many aspects to mil-spec testing, but the Zone Learn specifically conquered shock when dropped repeatedly: It was dropped 26 times onto plywood sitting over concrete at heights up to four feet, and it suffered no wear and tear, other than a few scuff marks. And the quality of the audio, which was checked following each drop test, never degraded.

Zone Learn headsets are also ruggedized against damage from moisture and water ingress, specifically when cleaned using chemicals or wipes. Each headset is rated to survive up to 2,700 cleanings, or five wipes a day during the school year, for three years. I didn’t clean it quite that much but did give it a few dozen wipe downs with no ill effects.

It’s surprising to find rugged features in a device that sells for less than $40, but that just adds more value to this already impressive unit, letting schools protect their investment for the long haul.

Having a headset perfectly designed for younger people can be a huge boon for K–12 classrooms looking to add innovative and interactive learning capabilities. The Logitech Zone Learn headset can make that happen without adding complexity, maintenance requirements or a heavy cost. That earns it high marks for any K–12 environment.


Device Type: Headset designed for K–12 classrooms
Microphone type: Boom mic with 120-degree swivel
Audio Tuning: Optimized for voice
Connectivity Options: USB-C, USB-A, 3.5 mm auxiliary cable
Durability: MIL-STD-810H for shock, moisture ingress
Water-Resistant: Five wipes per day for three years, or 2,700 wipes

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