Feb 01 2022
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TCEA 2022: In-Person Sessions to Address Pushing Through Challenges Facing Education

K–12 conventiongoers will gain strategies for addressing pandemic stressors and insights on tools and tactics for education innovation.

Educators are going through a lot right now. With that in mind, the 42nd TCEA Convention & Exposition, to be held Feb. 7-10 in Dallas, aims to be a respite.

Organizers say that while things remain difficult in education, the convention will be an opportunity for thousands of attendees to just spend time with others who understand the unique challenges educators are facing today.

Limited Virtual Sessions, In-Person Sessions Offer Options for All

February 2020 was the last time this convention was held in person. This year, attendees can remain remote and choose from two virtual sessions, one on bridging the learning gap and another on social-emotional learning.

However, the bulk of the in-person sessions will feature a wide array of topics designed to suit nearly every role in education — administrators, IT leaders, librarians, media specialists and various groups of teachers.

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Sessions to Address Futuristic Thinking, Cybersecurity and More

As students continue to struggle with the mental health fallout from the pandemic, attendees can choose from several sessions on social-emotional learning.

These sessions will share the value of using emerging technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence to support students. Other sessions will focus on building community through esports and practical ways that Microsoft and Google tools can help teachers address student needs in person and remotely.

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Another theme running throughout the conference is not only preparing future-ready students but also becoming future-ready leaders. Those sessions address learning continuity plans, digital citizenship, equity, futurist thinking, design thinking, blended learning and emerging technologies.

With cybersecurity incidents among K–12 school districts on the rise, the convention will also feature several sessions addressing fortifying school networks. There will be sessions on protecting student privacy, surviving ransomware, preventing cyberattacks, managing security threats in hybrid environments and securing cloud environments. IT directors will also participate in a panel discussion to share lessons from the past year.

Speakers to Include Influencers in Education and Entertainment

Finally, TCEA will feature speakers such as Cynthia Marshall, CEO of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, and Brett Culp, a filmmaker and social entrepreneur.

Other speakers include education thought leaders and EdTech influencers such as award-winning former educators and educational consultants Desiree Alexander and Ken Shelton, and Vernon Wright, a former educator and an entrepreneur, speaker, life coach and consultant.

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