Jan 31 2022

New Logitech Stylus Combines Digital and Physical Learning

Logitech Pen, designed to work with Chromebooks, gives students more control over their touchscreen devices for activities like taking notes and sketching.

Last week, Logitech announced its release of a new stylus, called Logitech Pen, with the intention of bringing physical interaction to digital education. The stylus is designed to work with Chromebooks that support the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) standard, which includes most new models of the device.

“It is notably transforming how students utilize their Chromebooks, enabling these devices to become even more essential tools in active learning through annotation, sketching and note taking, which are proven to increase comprehension and retention,” says Michele Hermann, vice president of mobility and head of education solutions at Logitech.

A stylus offers more precision and helps keep touch-screen devices cleaner, compared with students using their fingers to work. The device itself is easy to keep clean as well. Logitech Pen’s aluminum body and silicone grip are designed to be easily wiped down and are even spill-resistant. The tip of the pen is designed to be replaceable, but it needs removed with pliers. This feature ensures it doesn’t dislodge in a backpack or while a student fidgets with the device during class.

Where you would typically find an eraser, there is a USB-C charging port. Students who forget to charge Logitech Pen can use the device for 30 minutes following a 30-second charge, allowing them to participate even if classroom outlets are scarce.

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This is not the company’s first foray into stylus creation. The predecessor to the pen, called Logitech Crayon, is compatible with tablets. The tool allows students to practice fine motor skills while taking notes, showing their work on equations or sketching visual designs for projects.

With the popularity of Chromebooks in K–12 classrooms, Logitech Pen will bring mobility and creativity to many more students.

Image Courtesy of Logitech

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