Oct 16 2017

Augmented Reality in the Classroom: Transforming Education Through Technology

At both the primary and secondary level, augmented reality has the power to provide students with more interactive experiences.

In the summer of 2016, nothing was quite as buzzy as the smartphone game, "Pokémon Go." Thanks to its augmented reality (AR) format — which blends real-world interactivity with an immersive video game world — the game spiked in popularity among K–12 and college students. It also introduced the concept of AR into the education sector.

Augmented Reality in Education

By 2018, the AR device market is expected to reach about $660 million, a new infographic from the New Jersey Institute of Technology reports. While AR is still up and coming, several mobile apps have emerged to let students (both at the K–12 and higher ed level) engage with interactive books about space and human anatomy charts.

Medical schools are also looking into how augmented and virtual reality can play a part in training future doctors and surgeons with better simulations. The University of Nebraska Medical Center has even begun construction on a $118.9 million virtual and augmented reality center to transform healthcare education.

In K–12 schools, AR can facilitate better experiences for deaf and hard-of-hearing students by creating interactive flashcards that use sign language.

“Augmented reality has the potential to revolutionize learning in primary and secondary schools more than any other technology has done in the recent past,” reports NJIT. “… Several studies published in the last four years have shown that it enhances learning and classroom interactions.”

For more on how AR is impacting education, including some limitations, check out the infographic below.

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Augmented reality in education infographic

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