Jun 12 2015

Game Over for Gamification?

Gamification has been around for several years, but it's still being flagged by some spellcheckers as a typo. This may be telling of the circumstance the trend finds itself in, because among the changes from the 2015 NMC Horizon list of evolving K–12 technology trends, gamification was retired.

In a presentation on Friday about the upcoming report, NMC CEO Larry Johnson explained why the concept didn't make the cut this year.

"We don't see it making the mainstream," says Johnson. "For most people, it's just too hard to integrate, and there are no tools to make it easier."

The trend, incorporating elements of games into learning to drive engagement, has seen iterations thrive in other industries, like business. But in the classroom, Johnson said it hasn't quite taken off.

However, some of the fundamental concepts of gamifying learning may yet live on. Digital badges are one of the latest Horizon report's growing trends, slated for mainstream adoption within four-five years.

The full K–12 Horizon report will be published online June 29, during ISTE 2015.