May 13 2014

EdTech’s 2014 Must-Read K–12 IT Blog Nominees

Help us pick the best and brightest blogs in education technology today.

Last year, EdTech: Focus on K–12 found 50 of the best ed tech blogs on the web with your help. This year we’re hoping to expand our blog worldview with fresh perspectives, and we’re looking for your input.

This list of blogs is a melting pot for the brightest minds among teachers, technicians, administrators and app creators in the world of ed tech. Help us expand the list with your personal favorites or cast your votes to support those you already follow.

We will review each nominee and select some of the greatest picks for our final roundup, to be posted later this year.

Use the tool below to submit your favorite blogs to our list. Click “Add to List,” and you will be prompted with a social media login. This process helps keep our list free of spammers.

Editor’s note: Voting is for entertainment purposes only. EdTech reserves the right to exclude blogs from the final list of 50 for editorial reasons. We ask that your submissions be limited to blogs and not include forums or message boards.

To get things started, we’ve included a selection of 10 blogs as contenders, but we’re counting on your input to create the best list.

Nominations will be accepted until June 5.

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