Jul 12 2012

Tomorrow’s Classroom Today?

With new innovations, schools inch closer to the ideal 21st-century classroom.

For as long as I’ve written about education and technology in schools, people have talked about the “21st-century classroom” as if it’s some stratospheric goal, a far-off ed-tech euphoria, where student need and technological innovation will one day merge to create educational bliss.

Countless reports and initiatives have used the phrase. A simple Google search produces untold results. We all need something to strive for. But, a dozen years in, shouldn’t we be there already?

Like all innovations, the marriage of technology and education takes time. And though it’s unlikely any of us will be around 80-plus years from now to look back on what the classroom of the 21st century became, the editors of Edudemic, in conjunction with Open Colleges, created this infographic, which provides a glimpse into where we’re at today.

It’s not ed-tech euphoria, per se. But it’s nothing if not progress.

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What makes a 21st Century Classroom

<p>Edudemic; Open Colleges</p>

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