Student-staffed security operations centers provide on-the-job training and valuable technology skills.
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Campus Collaboration

The Oregon State University president aims to fulfill the land-grant mission in an online world.

Security Save

Protect the Defense

Securing your multifactor authentication solution promotes a stronger security posture.

Product Review

Presentation Station

This feature-rich docking station helps instructors and students stay connected and charged.

Product Review

Peak Performance

Tapping into Wi-Fi 6 technology allows the access point to efficiently serve up to four times as many users as older devices.

IT Futurist

Powerful Processing

Exascale computing opens the door to higher ed research opportunities.

FAQ Five

Nonstop Monitoring

Here are five things to know about the active monitoring authentication method.

Tech Tips

Premium Planning

Obtaining and retaining cyber insurance coverage requires proactive preparation.

Get Smart

Evolving Intelligence

The latest advancements have allowed SIEM to integrate with SOAR toolkits, log more data and move into the cloud.



Community Connection

Extending Wi-Fi reach to neighboring communities helps universities close the digital divide.


Answering the Call

Universities roll out artificial intelligence to improve communication with prospective students.


What a Flex

Colleges and universities upgrade classrooms to support increased demand for flexible learning options.


On the Clock

With IT departments overseeing a growing number of tech functions, deployment and maintenance automation could offer a reprieve for staff.


Letter From the Editor

Enrollment Opportunities

Class flexibility, hands-on tech experience and streamlined communications can all be enticing to prospective students.

Contributor Column

A Pipeline to IT Careers

These types of programs give students valuable technology experience.

Contributor Column

Ready for the Revolution

Last year’s release of ChatGPT sent colleges and universities scrambling. As the dust starts to settle, how can institutions harness AI for good?