Audiovisual technologies allow colleges to stream competitions and offer learning opportunities for students in a variety of fields.
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Being Human

At the Foothill-De Anza Community College District, Michelle Pacansky-Brock works with faculty to improve their relationships with students in online learning.


State of Security

SonicWall’s annual Cyber Threat Report also indicates concern about ransomware remains high.

Product Review

Hear the Difference

The Panasonic wireless boundary microphone is designed for clear audio capture everywhere, from small classrooms to large lecture halls.

Product Review

Flip Out

This versatile notebook offers computing power for every lesson plan.

Get Smart

Storage Wars

University IT teams should consider several factors — including where to start — when choosing data management solutions for their institutions.

Tech Tips

Making the Move

Here are four steps to help you prepare for a campuswide Wi-Fi upgrade.

IT Futurist

Out of Orbit

Could satellites in low Earth orbit be the key to closing the digital divide?

FAQ Five

Visibility Virtualized

From automation to security, a software-defined data center can help universities achieve IT benefits that support business goals.

Security Save

Battling the Bots

As attacks become more sophisticated, university IT teams should know how to identify and respond when malware strikes.



Backed by Tech

Technologically advanced research partnerships with the U.S. Department of Defense open the door to opportunities in higher education.


The Greatest Show on Campus

Universities host festivals and fairs to raise awareness about cybersecurity best practices.


Part of the Team

Universities are taking steps to integrate cybersecurity into research projects at their earliest stages.


Multicloud Management

Effective oversight of multiple cloud environments requires enhanced visibility and specialized tools.


Letter From the Editor

Word of Mouth

Involving all stakeholders in technology decisions and keeping them engaged throughout the process can lead to outcomes that benefit the university mission.

Contributor Column

Collaborative Collection

Effectively leveraging data for IT decision-making means including all stakeholders in the process.

Contributor Column

Follow the Map

Colleges and universities must make IT departments part of planning conversations.