Apr 27 2023

Review: Panasonic WX-ST700 Microphone Delivers Clean Audio in Any Classroom

The Panasonic wireless boundary microphone is designed for clear audio capture everywhere, from small classrooms to large lecture halls.

In today’s hybrid learning environment, it’s more important than ever to fully equip higher education classrooms for recording live lectures. Whether for students who are attending a live class remotely or recorded for later use, capturing exactly what is said with perfect clarity is critical.

That is what the Panasonic WX-ST700 DECT wireless boundary microphone is designed to accomplish. It’s a fully wireless device featuring an omnidirectional microphone optimized to capture voices and speech while minimizing background noise.

Panasonic Wireless Boundary Offers Simple Set Up and Pairing

Setting up the WX-ST700 is extremely easy. First, power it up by inserting two AA batteries. It accepts both normal or rechargeable batteries (if it’s loaded with rechargeable batteries, they will charge whenever a USB cable is plugged into the microphone).

Once it has power, the microphone will automatically pair wirelessly with any Panasonic 1.9-gigahertz digital wireless microphone receiver. This device will automatically assign the microphone to an unused channel, so no manual setup is needed, even with multiple microphones working in the same location. Because the microphone uses the 1920-megahertz frequency to transmit, it won’t interfere or overlap with any 802.11 wireless deployments in the same space.

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Microphone Enables Distraction-Free Sound Capture

The WX-ST700 is designed to capture sound in all directions, so it can be deployed pretty much anywhere that voices need to be recorded — no need to aim or position it in a certain way. In my tests, the microphone was able to capture sounds, especially human speech, with extreme accuracy within 30 feet of the base unit.  

Furthermore, it was able to record people talking despite other distracting noises (such as a running fan, a ringing cellphone and even low music playing in the background) added to the test environment.

In addition to recording sound on its own, the WX-ST700 has a 3.5-millimeter audio jack, which allows other devices, such as smartphones or laptops, to provide input through an audio cable. That way, users can stream audio recordings captured on other devices through the microphone; those recordings are then transmitted wirelessly to the main Panasonic receiver, just like sounds captured using the microphone itself.  



In continuous-recording mode, the microphone lasted for over 10 hours using rechargeable batteries, and needed just over an hour to fully charge back up after battery life was fully spent.

Higher education classrooms that require highly accurate audio recording should look no further than the Panasonic WX-ST700 DECT wireless boundary microphone. It works well, lasts a full day-plus on a single charge and is extremely easy to set up and use despite its advanced audio features.


DEVICE TYPE: Wireless audio-capturing microphone
POWER SOURCE: Two AA batteries
DIMENSIONS: 3.46x5.3x1.7 inches
WEIGHT: 0.45 pound


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