With COVID-19 forcing classrooms online, the role of IT has never been more prominent. EdTech spoke with a panel of IT and higher ed leaders about what the shift means for the future of higher education.
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Equal-Opportunity Security

Jack Cable, a Stanford student and founder of Lightning Security, shares his vision for expanding the security conversation beyond traditional stakeholders.

Product Review

The Complete Package

Packed with advanced cybersecurity, but designed for drag-and-drop functionality, the FortiGate 60E can quickly secure any remote campus.

Product Review

Telework with Confidence

Welcome remote workers without leaving the backdoor open to precious IT assets and infrastructure.

Tech Tips

Tag Along

Control cloud costs with the right naming strategy and consistent application.

IT Futurist

Super Solutions

Hyperconverged infrastructure gets even better, with easier management for campus IT staff.

Get Smart

Cloud the Database

Cloud-based Platform as a Service gives IT staff a simpler way to manage and maintain databases.

Security Save

The Big Three

It’s crucial for your IT staff to understand three concerns that overlap but are not quite the same.



Staying Power

While the cloud is rightfully playing a bigger and more prominent role on campus, some areas of university life require the heft of on-premises storage solutions.


Small Spaces, Big Results

Schools are deploying advanced digital and collaboration solutions in conference rooms and student spaces


Speed and Service

Higher education environments play host to uniquely valuable and regulated data that needs to be recoverable and protected at all times.


Connecting Campuses Through the Cloud

Cloud-Based Platforms are Helping Institutions Manage and Deliver Services Across Multiple Locations


Contributor Column

All Systems Go

Evolutions in the student journey prompt institutions to rethink legacy student information systems.

Contributor Column

A Bigger Horizon for CIOs

IT leaders understand the tools and solutions that can help higher education navigate today’s business challenges.