From videoconferencing to smartphones, colleges turn to technology to engage prospective students.
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Get Smart

Online, Active and Engaged

Whether classroom instruction is in person, online or a hybrid of both, students and faculty are determined to make the most of whatever is in store.

Get Smart

Virtual Learning, Real-Time Risks

In the quest to provide engaging online learning, universities must be mindful of privacy laws.

Product Review

Endpoint Defender

The state-of-the-art Enterprise EDR security application collects data in one comprehensive view, empowering swift action.

Security Save

Protecting Ideas in Academia

The intellectual property created by higher ed to combat COVID-19 makes an alluring target for cybercriminals.


The Great Pivot

EDUCAUSE CEO John O’Brien discusses how the shift to virtual instruction has changed the role of IT in higher education.

Product Review

Making the Grade

This 7th-generation notebook is loaded with technologies rarely combined in ultraportable designs.

FAQ Five

Simplifying with SDN

Centralized control and increased visibility ease management for busy campus IT teams.

IT Futurist

Seeing Red

Infrared sensors could help universities reduce the risk of COVID-19 outbreaks on campus.



Reach For the Cloud

Cloud computing — and culture shifts — pick up speed as colleges rethink remote operations.


More Devices, More Problems

Remote learning and work have raised the stakes when it comes to protecting college and university networks.


The Digital Athletes

With college sports teams facing an uncertain fall, esports players are primed for action.


The Next Generation

Colleges and universities are preparing students for in-demand jobs tackling tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges.

Up Front


Technology’s Vital Role in Saving Higher Ed

Universities are realizing a new business model is in order.


Bridging the Digital Divide for At-Risk Students

There isn’t a single solution, but providing equitable access to devices, Wi-Fi and quality professional development is key.