Integrated systems, powered by artificial intelligence, expand the role of chatbots to IT help desks and other areas.
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The New Generation

Today’s learners shouldn’t ever have to miss a class. With the right tools, they don’t have to.

Product Review

Fast Access

Dynamic, flexible storage supports data-intensive, high-performance computing.

Product Review

Level Up

This powerful and affordable gaming laptop delivers versatility to competitive gamers

IT Futurist

I Know Just How You Feel

Artificial intelligence software that responds to emotional cues will add depth and complexity to higher education use cases.

Get Smart

Executive Decision

This BYOD alternative gives IT staff more control over mobile device management.

Tech Tips

In Focus

Higher ed users can customize apps and notifications to personalize priorities and preferences.



If You Build It

Colleges embracing the popularity of esports share lessons on launching a new program, from the ground up.


Building Bridges

New, improved collaboration tools give students, faculty and visitors freedom and flexibility.


Set the Stage

Technology-enabled learning spaces prompt faculty to reimagine their roles and share the spotlight.


When All Else Fails

Pepperdine University and University of Michigan IT staff are prepared to keep operations running, even in a crisis.


Entry Denied

Augment a defense-in-depth strategy with proactive protection for the campus network.


Letter From the Editor

From Campus to Community

Universities interested in integrating new technology must emphasize collaboration among stakeholders on campus.

Contributor Column

Structural Integrity

Reporting relationships between CIOs and CISOs can help — or compromise — cybersecurity.

Contributor Column

Smart City, Smart Campus

Higher education is an ideal test bed for IoT initiatives that benefit city and campus residents.